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Hydraulic Transmission Devices Feature:
The Gear Stages Rated can be choice: GFB2.5,GFB3.0,GFB4.0,GFB5.0,GFB6.0,GFB2.53,GFB34,GFB45,GFB56
The displacement range: 550—28000 ml/r
The Rated Torque: 3400—63000 N.m
Compact, space-saving planetary gearbox design;
Modular Design, Easy installation and repair;
Planetary frame adopts the structure Design of arm support;
Double bearing support, operation Stability;
Low-noise running operation;

Application Conditions
The gearboxes have been designed for use at ambient temperatures ranging between -20 to +40 degree.Environmental influences such as salt water,sally air,sand ,dust,overpressure,heavy vibrations,extreme shocks and ambient temperatures, aggressive media and other environment will damage the function of the product.To guarantee a safety design, these conditions must be reported to users.
Gearbox Design
The design of the reducer used many years experience as the foundation. The standard maximum output rotate speed is 25 r/min, For different institutions working class, the required output torque must use coefficient K to calculate.
Higher Torques
For gearboxes transmitting torques higher than indicated in the catalog.
Hydraulic Motors
The gearbox design enables the direct flange attachment of a constant or varialbe displacement motor if so requested the hydraulic motor can also be included in the gearbox supply.
According to the standard,the transmission device is equipped with a laminated parking brake.
TB(the minimum static braking torque)=1.3*T1(input torque).Laminated parking brake can not be used as a dynamic working brake , The braking torques matching is according to the selected speed ratio.
The gearteeth and bearings will be splash lubricated .Save for regular oil changes the drive units do not require maintance .Changing the oil is done very easily, Exclusively the oil brands recommended in the operating manual must be used for this work.
The change intervais necessary for the relevant application conditions are also presoribed in the operating manuals. The pinion like artion beaning of the output shaft has been provided with a forlife grease filing.

For more details of our Swing Gearbox GFB ,  you can download our PDF files following.

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