Saivs's Hydraulic Piston Pumps

Can be used in many applications

Adopting high load capacity bearing & output shaft which can bear radial load & reverse the direction of rotation.

The supplier of hydraulic cylinders for industrial applications
All Saivs hydraulic cylinders and parts are designed to deliver long,efficient service with low maintenance requirements

NEW Gearbox Series

Our gearboxes can be used in a wide variety of applications

Thanks to their modular design and high power density,
extremely compact types of construction are possible

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SAIVS is Leading Supplier of Hydraulic Piston Pump & Motors, Cylinder and Hydraulic Reducer.We serving to the Mobile Equipment & Industrial markets. Saivs Saving your cost of hydraulics; Serving your immediate hydraulic needs.

Featured Products

Hydraulic Piston Pump

Our piston pump are used for forging,shear folding machine,construction,mining machinery,water conservancy and environmental protection machinery.

Piston Motor

Compact structure,reasonable design for Saivs’s Piston Motor,Also can be used in the pump working condition and realize freewheel operation condition.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Saivs has the experience to provide special cylinders to meet your specifications and requirements.Our engineering and design techniques are safety,repair-ability.


Our Gearbox can be combined with various motors, wider ratio range.They have big output torque, smoothly start up, high efficiency

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