High quality machining capacity

Ningbo SAIVS machinery co., Ltd. introduces more than 150 sets of high-precision equipment with world-class level from Europe. The production organization is divided according to the product plate. At the same time, the modular production and flexible manufacturing are combined organically, which provides a reliable guarantee for the production of all kinds of high-end products.and has imported five-axis combined turning and milling machining center, high-precision five-axis vertical machining center, high-precision grinder, brazing furnace, CNC high-speed friction welding machine and other advanced international and domestic machining equipment, composed of 3 professional production lines for pump body, cylinder block, shaft, disk and plunger, all the key components of plunger pump are self-made, 


Value added OEM/ODM Service

The performance of the product has reached the international advanced level.and has introduced a world-class five-axis linkage flexible machining center and other equipments. It has a 6-diameter and 10-way solenoid valve production line, a stacking valve production line, and a small-diameter multi-way valve production line.

It has a high-precision integrated block processing line to meet the manufacturing of high-precision integrated blocks;  It can produce different types of hydraulic systems, hydraulic devices and hydraulic cylinders.

Manufacturing Capacity(2)

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