The Hydraulic Products in Saivs

Our hydraulic products range over more than  10 series including hydraulic piston pumps , piston motors ,gearbox,hydraulic cylinder,hydraulic reducer,hydraulic parts and so on. Application for Construction,Agriculture,Handling(forklift trucks, aerial work platforms, conveyors, aircraft loading equipment),Industry,Marines,Transportation.Due to our consistently high quality and outstand services, the products are exported to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Russia, India and Middle East almost all over the world.

Learn more about our product offering on the below pages:

Variable Piston Pump Fixed Piston Pump Axial Piston Motor Radial Piston Motor Vane Pump
Variable Piston Pumps, Axial Piston Pumps, Industrial Hydraulic Pumps have low noise, high efficiency, small size, light weight and long life. Hydraulic fixed axial piston pump,The rotor assembly of the spherical valve has the advantages of automatic, high efficiency, low peripheral speed. Axial displacement motors, bent axis piston motors have a plug-in flange to be mounted on gear boxes, to fit on track drives and winch applications. Radial Hydraulic Motor has high mechanical volumetric efficency, high starting torque, good stability. It has been widely used in light indutry, epecially for plastic injection machines. Vane Pumps with High Pressure, low noise and long working life, It has proven itself in Mobile, ship building,  forging, metallurgy, casting and Industrial Application.


Swing Gearbox Travel Gearbox Piston Hydraulic Cylinder Swing Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Parts
Saivs swing gearbox is the ideal driving components for wheeled or crawler excavator, rotary drill rigs, crawler cranes and vehicle cranes, marine cranes and other mobile equipment. Travel reduction gearbox is  widely applied in excavator, spreading machine, drill machine, mobile crusher, engineering, mining,tunnel machinery, agricultural machinery etc. With high quality and considerate after-sales service, Our Piston Hydraulic Cylinders are used in many industries like car lift, agricultural machines and environmental vehicles. Swing hydraulic cylinder is used in high torque but limited swing angle occassions, hydraulic aerial cage, marine, construction, environmental and agricultural machinery etc. These are our inner hydraulic  spare parts for variety of hydraulic motors and piston hydraulic pumps.No MOQ limited, accept customized, speedy delivery.