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Hydraulic Press Tool
Technical Data:
Item No: ECPB-510
Crimping range: Brozen ends 50-400 mm2, Alu. ends 70-300 mm2.
Crimping force: 116KN
Crimping type: hexagon crimping
Stroke: 32mm
Size: 335x70x117mm
Weight approx.: 5.47 kg
Package: Steel case
Standard Setting 50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300, 400mm2
Note Pump isn’t included, but can be selected as required.
Hydraulic Press Tool is a kind of hydraulic tools, the main feature is to use the hydraulic principle to generate strong pressure so as to complete the riveting and crimping of very thick steel cables, cables and high-voltage wires.
The hydraulic pressure line clamp is composed of oil tank, power mechanism, reversing valve, relief valve and pump oil mechanism. The pump oil mechanism is composed of oil pump body, high and low pressure oil outlet holes, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, driven gear, a pair of high pressure oil pumps and a low pressure oil pump. The oil pump body is suspended on the oil tank cover, the high and low pressure oil outlet holes are arranged on the oil pump body, connected with the oil circuit of relief valve, eccentric shaft It is longitudinally arranged, the upper end is pivoted in the center of the oil pump body, the lower end is fixedly provided with eccentric bearing, the driven gear is fixedly arranged on the top of the eccentric shaft, connected with the power mechanism, the high and low pressure oil pumps are suspended on the oil pump body, each with an actuator contacting with the eccentric bearing, and the pump cavities of the high and low pressure oil pumps are respectively connected with the high and low pressure oil outlet holes.

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