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China Supplier Low Profile Hexagon Cassette Hollow Hydraulic Torque Wrench

SHW Series, Low Profile Hexagon Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
The low profile cassettes are made in compact and ultra slim structure to fit into tight spaces.
Rigid steel design ensure the durability, reliability and safety of the tools.
Maximum flexibility with full range Interchangeable hexagon cassettes and reducing inserts, no tools necessary .
Compact nose radius allows the tool to perform easily in tighter spaces.
Constant torque output provides accuracy up-to ±3%.
Multi direction high flow swivel manifold ( 360°X-axis * 180°Y-axis ).
Fast operation cycle, fine tooth ratchet, corrosion resistance, low weight, high strength design.Air and electric torque wrench pumps that are idea for use with hydraulic torque wrenches.
High-power hydraulic torque wrench generally refers to a bolt fastening tool capable of outputting and setting torque. It is a high-pressure hydraulic tool widely used in equipment repair and installation in many heavy chemical industries.
How to Choose a Low Profile Hexagon Wrench ?
Please order drive unit and cassette separately and pay attention to the same size, for example SHWD20 and SHWG20-65.
Choose the appropriate SHWD20 Drive unit.
Select SHWG20-65 driving head according to the bolt size required for application.
Add reducers for additional nut sizes, the combinations of use of different cassettes and reducers provide the maximum capability to achieve diverse jobs .

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