The stability of the transmission pressure of the hydraulic wrench pump station will directly affect the accuracy of the transmission torque of the hydraulic torque wrench. At the same time, it will also have a negative impact on the service life of the hydraulic torque wrench and the service life of the dismantled nut. At the same time, it will also have a hydraulic impact hazard.
Unstable transportation will affect the service life of the bolt: after the nut is repaired and disassembled repeatedly, the hexagon of countless nuts will fail, resulting in failure of tightening and scrapping. Moreover, the transformation of the transmission torque of the hydraulic wrench will also cause mechanical impact between the sleeve and the lock nut, destroy the hexagon of the locked nut, and form the failure of the nut, which will greatly reduce the number of dismountable maintenance of the equipment bolt.

The instability of transmission pressure causes potential hazards to the installation of the equipment: the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder F = PA, when the transmission pressure P of the hydraulic pump station is unstable, the transmission force F of the time display hydraulic cylinder will vibrate, thus forming the instability of the transmission torque of the hydraulic torque wrench, thus affecting the instability of the locking torque of the bolt, resulting in the unsafe installation of the equipment.
Due to the vibration of hydraulic pressure, the vibration of transmission torque will be changed, so that the mechanical impact will occur between the relative moving parts of hydraulic torque wrench, which will directly reduce the moving accuracy and working life of the parts, and the life of the whole hydraulic torque wrench will be shortened.

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