Hydraulic bolt stretcher is an essential tool for wind power and must be skilled in use. Many parts of the main engine need to be installed and disassembled through hydraulic bolt stretchers, such as through bolts, bottom bolts, cylinder head bolts, exhaust valves, etc., which can be used alone or together.

How to apply and maintain hydraulic bolt stretcher?
Separation between sliding piston and cylinder: Release the bleeding screw and blow the bleeding port with compressed air. The piston can easily slide out of the cylinder.
After replacing the seal ring, the rectangular seal ring is installed and the circular seal ring is installed. The rectangular seal ring is far from the pressure seal chamber, and the circular seal ring is near the pressure seal chamber. After installing the sealing ring, the piston and the cylinder are coated with molybdenum disulfide, and the piston and the cylinder are installed together. Clean threads thoroughly and apply lubricating oil or molybdenum disulfide.
If the release valve is not caused by oil leakage beyond the maximum height, it must be disassembled. Clean all parts with compressed air. If it still cannot be repaired, release valve should be put more.
After using the hydraulic stretcher, it should be clean and clean. The holes in the quick joint should be covered to prevent garbage from entering.
Hydraulic bolt stretcher should not exceed the maximum lifting height in the working process. If it exceeds, the seal ring below may be damaged. The hydraulic bolt stretcher must be dismantled for inspection or replacement of the seal ring.
The sliding piston shall slide freely in the cylinder, and the sliding surface shall be free of scratches to ensure that no hard particles enter the internal closed chamber.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

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