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PVQ series Variable Piston Pump
Ordering Code for standard PVQ Pump Size: PVQ10,PVQ13,PVQ20,PVQ32
The PVQ series piston pump is middle-pressure swash plate type. It has low noise and smooth, widely used for variable industrial machinery.It can replace with the Vickers PVQ series piston pump.
Variable Piston Pump PVQ series Remote Compensator Adjustment
1. Turn pressure control (such as C-175) CCW to minimum setting.
2. Turn compensator adjust?ment plug to desired mini?mum pressure (17 bar, 250 psi or higher).
3. Full pressure range can now be obtained with pressure control.
Caution: Effective compensator pressure will be compensator control setting (17-69 bar, 250-1000 psig) plus remote relief valve setting

Pressure Limits:
Inlet pressure – 0,2 bar (5 in. Hg) vacuum to 2 bar (30 psig)
Case pressure – 0,35 bar (5 in. Hg) maximum
Note: Integral relief valve limits case pressure peaks to 0,7 bar (10 psi) higher than inlet pressure to protect pump. Flow from valve is returned directly to pump inlet.
Use of case drain line required to limit steady-state case pressure.

Our piston pump are used for forging and shear folding machine,metal recycling,engineering,construction and mining machinery,metallurgical equipment and shipbuilding,water conservancy and environmental protection machinery.

Axial piston pumps have several pistons that are arranged parallel to the drive shaft. They are available as either variable pumps or constant pumps.

Variable displacement axial piston pumps operate according to the bent axis principle. They adjust the geometric output volume from maximum to zero. As a result they vary the flow rate that is provided to the loads.

Fixed displacement axial piston pumps operate according to the bent axis principle. They have a constant output volume and therefore deliver a constant flow rate at a specific rotation speed.

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