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Separate Cable Hydraulic Cutter
Technical Data:
Item No: ECSB-105F/ECSB-120F
Cutting range:
Below Φ105/Φ120 Cu-Al Cable and Armored cable
Size: 380*30*150mm
Weight: approx. 5.1kg
Package: steel case
Usage: Cu-Al Cable, Armored cable
Hydraulic cable shears can be widely used in port, electric power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemical, mining, railway, construction, metallurgical chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, industrial control, highway, bulk transportation, pipeline auxiliary equipment, slope tunnel, shaft governance and protection, marine rescue, marine engineering, airport construction, bridge, aviation, aerospace, venues and other important industries as well as various industries Mechanical equipment required for infrastructure projects.
The main cutting force of the Separate Cable Hydraulic Cutter comes from the blade, which is fixed by two screws and splints. In the specific use process, the gap can be adjusted by adjusting the two screws. In order to make the split type hydraulic cable cutter fast and labor-saving, it is necessary to ensure that the blade of the split type hydraulic cable cutter is in a straight line. Therefore, the normal use of the split type hydraulic cable shear will be affected by the blade rolling and dullness. The split type hydraulic cable cutter is the most portable hydraulic tool designed at present, which can be operated by one hand and used for the crimping of power distribution terminals. It is light and durable. The maintenance probability is the lowest for all hydraulic tools. It can automatically release pressure when reaching the set pressure. The head can be rotated and applied to different workplaces. The mechanical hydraulic head ensures the quality of crimping.

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