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Quick Cable Shear
Technical Data:
Item No: ECSB-40B
Cutting range:
Below Φ40 Cu-Al Cable and Armored cable
Size: 380*70*100mm
Weight: approx. 4.98kg
Package: steel case
Usage: Cu-Al Cable, Armored cable
The Quick Cable Shear includes a clamp, which is characterized in that the clamp is processed with a clamping groove, a chain link groove, a movable knife guide groove and a static knife guide groove. A hydraulic cylinder with a flange is stuck in the groove. The left end of the plunger and the movable knife are connected to the right end of the plunger through the return disk, and then the hydraulic cylinder body is snapped into the clamping groove of the clamp through its flange, and the movable knife is placed in the movable knife guide groove of the clamp. Into the static knife guide groove of the fixture.
When using hydraulic cable cutters, first place the cut chain into the chain groove, and then inject high pressure liquid into the cylinder. Under the action of hydraulic pressure, the plunger pushes the moving knife to cooperate with the static knife to form a shear. Force to cut the round chain.
Hydraulic cable cutters can be widely used in ports, electric power, steel, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, mining, railways, construction, metallurgy and chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, plastic machinery, industrial control, highways, large-scale transportation, auxiliary pipelines, slope tunnels, Well management and protection, maritime rescue, marine engineering, airport construction, bridges, aviation, aerospace, stadiums and other important industries and machinery and equipment required for various infrastructure projects.

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