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Our PVB Pump Size: PVB5,PVB6,PVB10,PVB15,PVB20,PVB29
Brand Name: SAIVS
Power: Hydraulic
The PVB series light piston pump has low noise,high efficiency, small size, light weight and long life. It is widely used in variable industrial Machinery.
It can replace with the Vickers PVB series piston pump.
Variable pump for Industrial application,Axial Piston Pump,High Pressure
1 Bent axial piston pump for opening circuit .
2 Continuous working pressure can reach the highest 280bar, instantaneous pressure can reach 350bar.
3 Flow is proportional to the driving speed and displacement, and can get stepless variable by adjusting the inclined plate Angle .
4 There are many control models like persistence pressure, constant power constant pressure, the constant pressure constant flow of control mode, and the control response speed is perfect.
5 Low noise, high efficiency, high reliability, long life.
6 Small size, high power density
7 Excellent oil absorption performance.
8 The drive shaft can bear axial and radial load.
9 SAE and ISO .mounting flange.
10 For through shaft structure for multi-loop system.
Saivs’s Piston Pumps Can be used in many applications, such as forging and shear folding machine,metal recycling,engineering,construction and mining machinery,metallurgical equipment and shipbuilding,water conservancy and environmental protection machinery.

In 2002, hydraulic piston pumps and motors research department was settled and company developed its first lines of hydraulic pumps and motors. Today SAIVS is reckoned as one of the most preferred experienced manufacturers and exporters of hydraulic pumps and motors in the industrial and Moving Equipment market.
For more details of our industrial piston pumps PVB series, you can download our PDF files following.

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