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Our GFB series hydraulic transmission gearbox can endure the large outside radial and axial forces.
It features for high torque, high starting efficiency, low speed stability and low noisy operating. Thus Swing gearbox drive is widely used in construction machinery,excavators, cranes, railway, ship unloaders, petroleum, mining and metallurgy equipments,forestry machines .

Features of Hydraulic Transmission Gearbox:
1. Two- or three-stage planetary gearboxes, smooth operation and reasonable structure.
2. Small volume, compact structure and high transmission efficiency.
3. Radial piston hydraulic motor with long life operating.
4. Mounting dimension is available on request.
5. Brake, balance valve, shuttle valve and the distributor which can integrate all kinds of function valve are also available on request.
6. For attachment of fixed motors in space-saving plug-in design
7. Torque output 400–68300 Nm.
8. Compact space-saving design
9. Integrated multi-disc parking brake
10.Easy installation,Swing gear intergrated output pinion
11.Larger versions available on request
The gearboxes have been designed for use at ambient temperatures ranging between -20 to +40 degree.Environmental influences such as salt water,sally air,sand ,dust,overpressure,heavy vibrations,extreme shocks and ambient temperatures, aggressive media and other environment will damage the function of the product.To guarantee a safety design, these conditions must be reported to users.

For more details of our Hydraulic Transmission Gearbox ,  you can download our PDF files following.

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