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YN Series, Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
Pressure Range: 0-1600 bar/23000 psi
Face Diameter: 63-100 mm
Accuracy of full scale: ±1.0-2.0%
Calibrated for dual scale reading in PSI and MPa.
All pressure sensing parts are sealed and dampended by glycerine for long life.
Fast, easy installation.
Stainless steel gauge cases for corrosion resistance
Applications: Adverse service conditions where pulsation or vibration exists
Pressure connection: One piece sealing design
Wetted parts: Copper alloy stainless steel hydraulic oil filled pressure gauge
Case material: Stainless Steel, crimped ring
Window: Poly carbonate or toughened glass
Hydraulic Pressure Gauge IP class: IP 65
Options/notes: Lower, back entry.
SAIVS provides all hydraulic accessories as required to complete your ultra-high pressure hydraulic system, which is compatible with cylinders, pumps and tools using to ensure effective operation, durability and safety.
Provides a complete set of hydraulic tubing, quick connector, changeover connector, pressure gauge and pressure gauge adapter.
Provides a full range of hydraulic valves to meet your application, pump installation direction control valve, remote direction control valve, pressure control valve, stop valves and dispensers are available for your hydraulic control system solutions.
The radial plunger pump head is provided. The high efficiency design increases the flow rate, reduces the heat and reduces the power consumption. As a result, the speed and service life of the whole hydraulic system are increased, thus increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.

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