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Hydraulic Press Crimper Tool
Technical Data:
Item No: ECPT-630B
Crimping range: Brozen ends 150-630 mm2, Alu. ends 185-500 mm2.
Crimping force: 198KN
Crimping type: hexagon crimping
Stroke: 25mm
Size: 160x110x310mm
Weight approx.: 12.1 kg
Package: Steel case
Standard Setting: 150,185,240,300, 400, 500, 630mm2
Note: Pump isn’t included, but can be selected as required.
Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimping Tools are special hydraulic tools for crimping cables and terminals in power engineering.
According to its structure, the Hydraulic Press Crimper Tool can be divided into integral  and split Hydraulic Press Crimper Tool. Integrated design of function module and power module of integrated hydraulic tong, small size, light weight, easy to carry, suitable for temporary small amount of work such as out repair. The function module of the split type hydraulic tong is separated from the power and connected with the power through the oil pipe and other accessories. It can be operated manually or electrically, which is very flexible.

According to the function, it can be divided into hydraulic crimping pliers and hydraulic cutting pliers. The hydraulic crimping pliers are used for various crimping operations, such as copper aluminum terminal crimping, riveting, etc., the hydraulic cutting pliers are used for cutting various materials, such as steel bars, cables, etc.

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