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Hydraulic Pliers Crimping Cutter
Technical Data:
Item No: ECPB-410
Crimping range: Brozen ends 50-400 mm2, Alu. ends 70-300 mm2.
Crimping force: 116KN
Crimping type: hexagon crimping
Stroke: 32mm
Size: 342x69x122mm
Weight approx.: 4.9 kg
Package: Steel case
Standard Setting: 50,70,95,120,150,185,240,300, 400mm2
Note: Pump isn’t included, but can be selected as required.
First of all, the hydraulic pliers crimping cutter should be adapted to the cable. If the specification is suitable, the specific steps of the Hydraulic Pliers Crimping Cutters are as follows:
The cable core has been peeled, without large size deviation and other problems. Put on the connecting pipe to ensure that the core at both ends of the connecting pipe has been countered.
Using suitable pressure die, connect the hydraulic clamp on the connecting pipe. Notice that the cable insulation should not be damaged in the process, and ensure that the cables on both sides are in a straight line before the press is pressed, that is, the cables on both sides of the 1~2 meter length are straight on the horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Start crimping, use tools such as hoist to ensure that the cable does not shake and take off the pipe during the crimping process, and try to ensure that the mold is closed, the place is loose or the contact area is not enough.

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