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Hydraulic Cable Crimping Pliers
Technical Data:
Item No: ECPT-1000
Crimping range: Brozen ends 400-1000 mm2, Alu. ends 500-800 mm2.
Crimping force: 360KN
Crimping type: hexagon crimping
Stroke: 28mm
Size: 380x128x180mm
Weight approx.: 28.23 kg
Package: Steel case
Standard Setting: 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000mm2
Note: Pump isn’t included, but can be selected as required.
The Hydraulic Cable Crimping Pliers is a kind of pliers which uses the hydraulic principle (Pascal principle) to improve the jaw force. There are many kinds. Because it can provide much more clamping force than simple manual plus lever force, it can be used in the work which can not be completed by manual alone. For example, flat steel pipe can be clamped, leakage can be blocked, reinforcement can be cut, etc.

Usage of Hydraulic Cable Crimping Pliers:
First, select the matching crimping die according to the wire diameter of the cable, and release the pressure relief valve, generally on the right side.
2. After stripping the insulation layer of the cable according to the length of the crimping wire of the copper (aluminum) connecting pipe, sleeve the copper (aluminum) connecting pipe on the core wire with the insulation layer removed.
3. Put the hydraulic pliers of the selected crimping die on one end of the copper (aluminum) connecting pipe without the connecting nose, tighten the pressure relief switch, place the crimping die close to the outside, and then start to crimp until the two  crimping dies collide, and then release the pressure. Continue to crimp in the place next to the crimped part, generally 4-5 places, which depends on the quality of your copper (aluminum) connection.
4. after crimping, remove the burr generated by crimping with pliers or flat file, polish it smooth, and conduct insulation treatment.

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