Hexagon Cassettes for Torque Wrenches

/Hexagon Cassettes for Torque Wrenches
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Low Profile Hexagon Hydraulic Torque Wrench, Bolt Tools,High Quality Hexagon Cassette Wrench

SHW Series, Hexagon Cassettes for Low Profile Hexagon Torque Wrenches
Each type of low profile drive unit matches certain range of hexagon cassettes and reducers to cover the maximum range of nut sizes, which are tolerated by the torque value of the same drive unit.
When selecting the proper cassette for the application, pay attention to the distance between the bolt and the wall side.
Also pay attention to the distance between the hexagonal edge in the cassette and the outer edge of the link.The R value in the following table can guide you choose the right one
Hexagon Reducers for Low Profile Hexagon Torque Wrench
The combinations of use of different cassettes and reducers provide the maximum capability to achieve diverse jobs, greatly improve the adaptability for different applications.
The following work for standard and standard transition, if you want to order non-standard Products, please indicate the bolt diameter, nut on the edge, bolt level such as concrete requirements

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