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Hand Cable Shears
Technical Data:
Item No: ECSB-85C
Cutting range:
Below Φ85 Cu-Al Cable and Armored cable
Size: 580*70*182mm
Weight: approx. 5.65kg
Package: steel case
Usage: Cu-Al Cable, Armored cable

The split type Hand Cable Shears are the world’s first split type hydraulic cable cutter with lithium battery as the supply. Just press the switch and press the cut button on the split type hydraulic cable cutter. The scissors will automatically operate, automatically cut the cable through the reduction of the scissors. It is the easiest, fastest and most convenient terminal crimping tool in the electrical, hardware, mineral, forestry, wharf, electric power, high-speed rail, wind power and railway industries, instead of pneumatic crimping, improving the working efficiency.
The split type hydraulic cable cutter is a very common tool for the staff of the Internet company, such as pressing crystal head, as well as the common telephone line connector at home and the wiring of the network cable. The split type hydraulic cable cutter is easy to operate and convenient to use.
Cut the crimping piece from the split hydraulic cable and strip the wire. The length of the naked wire is about 1.4mm, which is roughly equal to the crimping part of the crimping piece.
Place the opening direction of the crimping sheet toward the crimping slot, make the metal belt at the end of the crimping sheet flush with the crimping pliers, and then insert the wire into the crimping sheet, align and press it tightly.
Take out the crimping piece, observe the effect of crimping, and break off the metal belt at the end of the crimping piece for use.

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