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Battery Power Electric Cable Cutter
Technical Data:
Item No: EBSE-55 / EBSE-85F
Crimping force: 60 KN
Stroke: 50 mm
Crimp / charge: 130 times(Cu 150mm2)
Cutting range: under Φ55/ under Φ85
Voltage: 18 v
Capacity: 5.0 Ah
Charging time: 2 hours
Package: plastic box
Blage: 1 pc
Battery: 2 pcs
Charger: 1 pcs
Sealing ring of cylinder: 1 set
Sealing ring of valve: 1 set
Product Features:
Super solid design
Single hand operation, light and convenient
Shear armored copper and aluminum cables
Automatic pressure relief and reset
Shear head can rotate 360 degrees
Manual pressure relief if necessary.
Application of Battery Power Electric Cable Cutter: shear armored cable, communication cable, power high-voltage cable, low-voltage cable and so on.
Features: the whole set of tools is light in weight and can be cut by one person. The integral cable shear and manual cable shear can be cut easily without electric pump, saving time, forming by three processes, preventing falling, smashing and bumping. The cutting head is made of alloy steel, wear-resistant and durable, with a service life of more than 2 years.

The electric cable cutter is a hand-held electric tool which uses the motor as the power and drives the working head through the transmission mechanism to carry out the cutting operation. It is composed of the motor, the reduction gearbox, the eccentric shaft connecting rod mechanism, the switch, the non reconnectable plug and the cutter, etc. For better use and operation, operation process:
1. First charge the battery for 5 hours, if it is the first time, it must be 12 hours.
2. Before using the tool, unplug the charger plug and disconnect the tool from the charger because the tool will not work when it is connected to the charger.
3. Then remove the blade cover and turn on the power manually.
4. Before starting to cut, let the cutting blade run without load for a few seconds, and listen for noise, too slow and too fast.

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