Swing Gears

Swing Gearbox GFB

Swing Gearbox GFB,Swing Reduction Gear,Swing Drive Gear,Transmission Gearbox,Hydraulic Transmission Devices,Hydraulic Swing Motor,Slewing reducer,Gear Reducer,Hydraulic Straight Threaded Reducer,Hydraulic Planetary Gear,Hydraulic Straight Threaded Reducer Hydraulic Transmission Devices Feature: The Gear Stages Rated can be choice: GFB2.5,GFB3.0,GFB4.0,GFB5.0,GFB6.0,GFB2.53,GFB34,GFB45,GFB56 The displacement range: 550—28000 ml/r The Rated Torque: 3400—63000 N.m Compact, space-saving planetary gearbox design; Modular Design, Easy installation and repair; […]

Hydraulic Transmission Gearbox

Hydraulic Transmission Gearbox,hydraulic transmission drive,hydraulic swing drive,Slew Drive Gearbox,Straight Planetary Gear Speed Reducer,Hydraulic Gearmotor,Swing Gearboxes,Gear Reducer,Hydraulic motor reducer,Hydraulic swing reducer Our GFB series hydraulic transmission gearbox can endure the large outside radial and axial forces. It features for high torque, high starting efficiency, low speed stability and low noisy operating. Thus Swing gearbox drive is […]