What are the advantages of high pressure hose (connecting the hydraulic torque wrench and hydraulic cylinders)? Let’s explore about it:
The high-pressure hose is made of steel saw compound, which has low volume expansion, low fluid resistance, good corrosion resistance and light unit weight. High pressure oil pipe has small bending radius, small outer diameter and long service life. Each oil pipe includes double end two-way quick joint with safety factor of 4:1. The inner material of the hose is PA12, two layers of spiral elastic steel wire, and the outer material of the hose is PUR.

What should be paid attention to when using the hydraulic torque wrench to fit the high pressure hose?
1. The hydraulic wrench connected to the high-pressure hose shall not be bent too much or at the root when it is moving or stationary, at least after 1.5 times of its diameter.
2. When the high-pressure hose of the hydraulic wrench moves to the extreme position, it shall not be pulled too tightly, and it shall be loosened properly.
3. Try to prevent the change and deformation of the hose.
4. Keep away from thermal radiation components as far as possible, and heat insulation board shall be installed when necessary.
5. External damage of high-pressure oil pipe shall be prevented, such as long-term conflict on the surface of the same component in use.
6. If the hose self weight causes excessive deformation, there should be supporting parts.

High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses

High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses Features: Inner diameter 6.4mm. Safe and reliable quality. Length can be customized according to clients’ needs. Oil connection could be equipped as the system requires. Hose Oil Capacity: When using longer high pressure hydraulic hoses, it is sometimes necessary to consider the oil capacity when the hose is full. For 6.4 […]