Piston rod is a connecting part to support the work of piston. Most of the piston rods are used in the motion actuating parts of cylinder and cylinder. It is a moving part with frequent movement and high technical requirements. Taking the hydraulic cylinder as an example, it consists of cylinder, cylinder rod, piston and end cap. Its processing quality directly affects the life and reliability of the whole product. Piston rods have a high requirement for processing, and its surface roughness is Ra 0.4-0.8 micron, which requires strict coaxiality and wear resistance. The basic characteristic of cylinder rod is slender axis processing, which is difficult to process and has been plagued by the processors.
The function of piston rod is to connect piston and cross head, transfer force acting on piston and drive piston movement. The piston rod should have enough strength, stiffness and stability. The design of the piston rods structure is convenient for the disassembly and assembly of the piston.
The piston rod is processed by rolling, which improves the corrosion resistance of the surface and delays the generation or expansion of fatigue cracks, thus improving the fatigue strength of the cylinder rod. By rolling forming, a cold working hardening layer is formed on the rolling surface, which reduces the elastic and plastic deformation of the contact surface of the grinding pair, thus improving the wear resistance of the hydraulic cylinder rod surface and avoiding the burns caused by grinding. After rolling, the surface roughness decreases, which can improve the matching properties. At the same time, it reduces the friction damage to the sealing ring or sealing parts when the cylinder rod piston moves, and improves the overall service life of the cylinder. Rolling process is an efficient and high quality process measure.

Hydraulic Welded Cylinder

Hydraulic Welded Cylinder,Standard Welded Hydraulic Rams,Hydraulic Cylinders for Agricultural Equipment,Hydraulic Cylinders for Recycling Equipment,Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinder Featurers of Hydraulic Welded Cylinder: Type: Double Acting Welded Style Bore Dia. (in.): 3 Stroke(IN.): 40 Rod Dia.(IN.): 1-1/2 Retract(IN.): 48 Port Size(SAE): # 8 Max.Pressure(PSI): 3000 Temp.Range: -20 to 220 PISTON MATERIAL: Ductile Iron Piston Rod: High […]


piston Hydraulic Cylinder

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder

Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder,Piston hydraulic cylinder,Marine hydraulic cylinders,Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder,Hydraulic Plunger Cylinder,Hydraulic System,Welded Hydraulic Cylinders Seals kit:durable and hard-wearing with long service life. Heat treatment: quenching&Tempering which makes the piston rod super high hardness. Cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning. Cutting: high precision provided by automatic roller cutting machine. Testing: ultrasonic detector, spectrograph, CMM, metallography, chrome thickness tester. […]