When does the noise of the hydraulic wrench pump appear? The normal machine will have regular sounds when it is working. Once some parts fail, it will send a special sound to warn. The hydraulic wrench pump is a commonly used hydraulic component, and there may be several reasons for the abnormal noise:
1. There is air in the hydraulic wrench pump. Usually, when installing a new pump, the hydraulic oil should be added to the pump first to play a smooth role on the bearing, plunger and cylinder of the hydraulic pump. The treatment method is to open the oil pump fuel port when the wrench pump is running, so that the air in the pump can be discharged from the fuel port.
2. The viscosity of the hydraulic oil is too large, which reduces the self-priming ability of the pump and the volumetric efficiency. The treatment method is to select hydraulic oil with appropriate viscosity. If the oil temperature is insufficient, the heating function should be turned on.
3. The oil level of the pump oil tank of the hydraulic wrench is insufficient, and the blockage of the oil suction pipe makes the resistance of the pump to increase the oil, resulting in a pump suction or a leak in the oil inlet pipe, and the pump sucks air. The treatment method is to add enough oil as required, scrub the filter, dredge the intake pipe, and inspect and firm the connecting screw of the oil inlet pipe section.
4. The oil pump of the hydraulic wrench pump and the motor are improperly installed, and the concentricity of the pump shaft and the motor shaft is different, which causes noise to the radial force of the oil pump shaft. The processing method is to check the concentricity of the installation of the oil pump and the motor.
The above is the reason for the noise of the hydraulic wrench pump and all the solutions. I hope that everything will go smoothly in the process of using the hydraulic wrench pump.

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