It is also important that the sealing ring of the hydraulic cylinder is tightly installed during the installation process. In order to avoid oil leakage due to distortion, install the O ring, do not pull it to the level of permanent deformation, and do not roll on the side.
The V type seal ring is made up of different supporting rings, sealing rings and pressure rings. When the ring is pressed tightly to seal the ring, the sealing ring can seal the sealing ring. When installing, the opening of the sealing ring should be oriented to the pressure oil cavity. When adjusting the ring, the sealing ring should be kept within the limit of oil leakage.
For the Y type sealing ring, the lip should be facing the pressure oil cavity, and the YX type sealing ring should also pay attention to distinguish whether the shaft is used or the hole is used, and do not install wrong. When installing Y and V seals, attention should be paid to the installation direction so as to avoid oil leakage.

If the sealing device is fitted with the sliding surface, the appropriate amount of hydraulic oil should be applied when assembling.
The O-ring and dust ring shall be replaced with new ones after removal.
When the hydraulic cylinder body is installed on the main engine, the sealing ring must be added between the inlet and outlet joints and fastened to prevent oil leakage.
These steps are no danger of anything going wrong when the requirements are completed strictly, so that the normal working of the hydraulic cylinder can be ensured.

Sealing Ring of Hydraulic Cylinder

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