Maintain for Piston Pump: Hydraulic piston pump swash plate after a period of action, the swash plate plane will appear concave phenomenon, in the use of platform grinding, the first to measure the original size and plane hardness.
When the plane of the swash plate is scraped out of the groove by the plunger ball head, laser cladding of alloy powder can be used to repair the groove. Laser cladding technology can not only ensure the bonding strength of the material, but also ensure the hardness of the remelting material, and not completely reduce the hardness of the surrounding structure.

Also followed by the use of chromium phase electrode for manual surfacing, repaired surface of the swash plate need to be re-heat treatment, the best use of nitriding furnace heat treatment. No matter which method is adopted to repair the swashplate, the original dimensional accuracy, hardness and surface roughness must be restored.

After the cylinder block and the valve plate are repaired, the leakage of the mating surface can be checked by applying vaseline oil on the valve plate surface, plugging the drain, placing the oil valve plate flat on the platform or flat glass, placing the cylinder block on the valve plate, injecting diesel oil into the cylinder hole, and injecting oil at intervals, that is, injecting oil into one hole. No oil was injected into one hole, and no leakage or collusion of diesel oil in the plunger hole was observed for more than 4 hours, indicating that the cylinder block and valve plate were qualified for grinding.

The service life of plunger pump is related to maintenance, quantity and quality of hydraulic oil, cleanliness of oil and so on. Avoiding the abrasion caused by the particles in the oil on the friction pair of the plunger pump is also an effective way to prolong the life of the plunger pump.

Replacement of parts in maintenance should use the parts manufactured in the original factory. These parts are more expensive than other imitation parts, but the quality and stability is better. If you buy cheap imitation parts, it seems to save money in the short term, but this brings hidden dangers, may also cause more use of piston pump.