Today, let’s share the improvement plan for three aspects of ultra high pressure hydraulic pump.
With the rapid development of all walks of life in China, various equipments are constantly improving. Our factory is a professional manufacturer of ultra-high pressure hydraulic pumps, and is committed to product research and improvement. Based on years of experience, we have developed the latest improvement plan for ultra high pressure hydraulic pumps.
The correct use and maintenance of the loader during use, regular addition or replacement of hydraulic oil, maintaining the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, and strengthening daily inspection and maintenance.
Optimize the shape of the boom cylinder and hydraulic pump to reduce the working pressure of the ultra-high pressure hydraulic pump system.
Improvement of hydraulic system design for ultra high pressure hydraulic pump. After many arguments, the advanced priority valve and load-sensing full hydraulic steering gear were finally adopted. The new system can assign traffic to the steering system based on steering requirements. Both the load size and the steering wheel speed guarantee a sufficient amount of oil. The rest can be supplied to the working device circuit, eliminating the power loss caused by excessive oil supply to the steering circuit, improving system efficiency and reducing the working pressure of the hydraulic pump.

Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Pump

Electric Hydraulic Pumps

PE10 Series Electric Hydraulic Pumps Reservoir Capacity: 20 L Flow At Rated Pressure: 1 L/min Motor Size: 1.5 KW Max.Operating Pressure: 700 bar Electric pump motor with light weight aluminum housing, and integrated heat sink for easy cooling. Two-speed design reduces cycle times for improved productivity. Electric Hydraulic Pumps built-in safety valve to prevent overloading. […]