The six main application ways of hollow hydraulic wrench are introduced as follows:
1. Installation, disassembly and maintenance of important bolt connections in energy, transportation, power, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other industries will facilitate and quickly complete your task of assembling and disassembling bolts.
Secondly, some bolts are installed in very narrow space, which can not be tightened and disassembled by lengthening the arm or hammering.
3. Some equipments have been used in wet places for a long time. The bolts are corroded seriously and can not be disassembled manually, so it is difficult to repair them hollow hydraulic wrench.
Fourthly, fastening and disassembling bolts on overhead pipelines and aerial equipment frame makes it difficult for staff to exert themselves even though they are wearing seat belts, and it is very difficult for them to finish their work safely.
5. According to the statistics of equipment management authority, more than 50% of equipment failure is caused by bolt problems, and the number of major accidents caused by bolt problems is also very alarming. Therefore, the new equipment installation and maintenance code requires more strict moment for bolt tightening, which effectively ensures that it is difficult to use manual methods. To achieve the required torque value;
6. Hydraulic moment wrench is an ideal tool to solve the above problems. The tool uses the high-pressure oil produced by the matching ultra-high pressure hydraulic pump as the power, automatically completes the bolt tightening and disassembly work, stable, impact-free, safe and high assembly quality.

SHW hydraulic torque wrench parts

Hexagon Cassettes for Torque Wrenches

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