At present, high-power hydraulic wrench is used frequently, so how to operate high-power hydraulic wrenches efficiently is very important.
Firstly, the inner hexagonal sleeve is selected according to the size requirement of the pre-tightening nut.
According to the requirement of nut tightening or loosening, the combination ratchet is determined. (Right ratchet when tightening nut and left ratchet when loosening nut)
Insert high-pressure and low-pressure rubber hoses with quick joints into the joints of wrenches and reversing valves (high pressure 7/4, low pressure 3/8). After insertion in place, rotate the quick joint sheath at an angle, and then lock it.
The reaction bar shall rely on the corresponding inner hexagonal support sleeve or other places that can withstand the reaction force.
The angle of the spanner connecting rod should be controlled within the accurate angle range of the reaction rod.
When pressed, turn the exhaust valve one week to the left, open the exhaust valve, wait for exhaust before closing. When the manual pump is pressed, the reversing valve handle is rotated according to the elongation and contraction of the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder. When the handle handles the left position, the piston rod extends. When the piston rod is in the right position, the piston rod shrinks and the pressure in the middle position is 0.
When pressing, the torque value can be obtained by observing the pressure gauge reading (MPa).
Only by paying more attention to these problems in the use process can the high-power hydraulic wrench be operated better.

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