Composition of bolt stretcher: bolt stretcher is usually composed of hydraulic pump, high-pressure hose, pressure gauge and stretching body. The hydraulic pump is the power source, the pressure gauge reflects the delivery pressure of the pump, and the high-pressure hose connects the hydraulic pump and the stretching body. The stretching body is the implementing element to complete the bolt stretching. The stretching body is composed of a piston cylinder, a piston, a supporting bridge and a stretching nut.

The bolt stretcher is also called the hydraulic stretcher. With the help of the hydraulic pressure source provided by the hydraulic booster pump, the tensile force is determined according to the tensile strength, yield coefficient and elongation of the raw material, so that the bolt with the applied force is stretched in its elastic deformation area, and the diameter of the bolt is slightly deformed, so that the nut is easy to loosen. In addition, it can also be used as a device for the hydraulic interference connection to apply the axial force Top pressure installation. The biggest advantage of the stretcher is that it can fasten and dismantle multiple bolts at the same time with fixed value, with average cloth force. Composition of bolt stretcher is a safe, efficient and fast equipment.

During operation, the high-pressure oil delivered by the power source is delivered to the piston cylinder through the high-pressure hose. Under the pressure, the piston in the piston cylinder moves up, and the engine extension nut moves up. The stretch nut is connected with the working bolt thread, so as to stretch the working bolt and make the bolt stretch to the required deformation. The deformation pipe is within the elastic deformation limit, and then the pre tightening or dismantling work is carried out. Finally, the working bolt is returned to its original shape through the hydraulic mechanical return method.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners

TS Series Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners Features: Bolt Range: M20-M100 3/4″- 4″ Load Capacity: 180-3110KN Stroke: 15mm Max. Operating Pressure: 1500bar Light weight and compact structure suits operations in small space. Special steel body and advanced surface treatment with perfect rust and corrosion resistance. Strong versatility and high adaptability Synchronous application available. Interchangeable, […]