How to Cleaning Hydraulic System?
Hydraulic system will be polluted in manufacture, test, use and storage. Cleaning is an important means to remove pollution and keep hydraulic oil, hydraulic components and pipelines clean. In production, the cleaning of hydraulic system usually includes main system cleaning and whole system cleaning. The whole system cleaning refers to the cleaning of the whole circuit of the hydraulic device. Before cleaning, the system should be restored to the actual operation state. Hydraulic oil can be used for cleaning media. The cleaning time is generally 2-4 hours, and under special circumstances, it is not more than 10 hours. The cleaning effect is based on the standard of no impurities in the circuit filter.

Precautions in cleaning hydraulic system:
1. When cleaning the general hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil for work or test run oil is often used. Kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, steam or other liquids should not be used to prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, pipelines, tanks and seals.
2. In the cleaning process, the operation of the hydraulic pump and the heating of the cleaning medium are carried out simultaneously. When the temperature of cleaning oil is (50-80)C, the rubber residue in the system can be easily removed.
3. During the cleaning process, non-metallic hammer bars can be used to knock the oil pipeline continuously or discontinuously in order to remove the attachments in the pipeline.
4. Intermittent operation of hydraulic pump is beneficial to improve cleaning effect, and the interval time is usually (10-30) minutes.
5. Filters or filters should be installed in the circuit of cleaning oil circuit. At the beginning of cleaning, 80 mesh filter can be used because of more impurities. At the later stage of cleaning, more than 150 mesh filter can be used.
6. Cleaning time is usually (48-60) hours, which is determined by the complexity of the system, the requirements of filtering accuracy and the degree of pollution.
7. In order to prevent rust caused by external humidity, the hydraulic pump should run continuously until the temperature returns to normal at the end of cleaning.
8. Clean the oil in the circuit after cleaning.

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