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Application and Structure of Quick Connector

Quick connector is a kind of tool which can realize pipeline connection or disconnection without tools. It is a common tool in many pipeline construction or maintenance. Fast connectors have the functions of exchange, maintenance, testing, conveying, filling and connection. According to their different uses, they are commonly classified as follows: 1. Geka Fast Connector [...]

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Pneumatic Pump

Four Working Principles of Pneumatic Pump: When the plunger rises to the upstream stroke, the selection valve opens again, and compressed air pushes the plunger to discharge oil. When the pneumatic pump is not loaded, the above actions are repeated at a high frequency of about 2000 strokes per minute until the pressure and oil [...]

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Hydraulic Bolt Stretcher

Hydraulic bolt stretcher is an essential tool for wind power and must be skilled in use. Many parts of the main engine need to be installed and disassembled through hydraulic bolt stretchers, such as through bolts, bottom bolts, cylinder head bolts, exhaust valves, etc., which can be used alone or together. How to apply and [...]

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Hollow Hydraulic Wrench

The six main application ways of hollow hydraulic wrench are introduced as follows: 1. Installation, disassembly and maintenance of important bolt connections in energy, transportation, power, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other industries will facilitate and quickly complete your task of assembling and disassembling bolts. Secondly, some bolts are installed in very narrow space, [...]

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Hydraulic Wrench Maintenance

Hydraulic wrench maintenance is an urgent need. In many industrial enterprises, bolts are used in this way to ensure the normal operation of equipment. Now domestic hydraulic products have developed with high quality, and have very professional quality in maintenance and use, and also for many production. Enterprises provide product assurance, more and more professional [...]

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Operation of Hydraulic Stretcher

Operation of Hydraulic Stretcher, Operate the ultra-high pressure oil pump, input the high pressure oil to the cylinder of the hydraulic stretcher, the piston starts to work, and the hydraulic stretcher enters the working state. At this time, attention should be paid to the working pressure of the ultra-high pressure oil pump and the stretching [...]

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Wear-resistant Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic wrenches usually use 46 and 32 wear-resistant hydraulic oil. Viscosity of hydraulic oil is an important index of hydraulic oil. Low viscosity increases leakage and decreases volumetric efficiency; high viscosity increases viscous friction loss and even causes cavitation or stagnation. Generally, the mobility of hydraulic oil used in hydraulic system is l06m/s (50C). Characteristics [...]

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