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Maintain for Piston Pump

Maintain for Piston Pump: Hydraulic piston pump swash plate after a period of action, the swash plate plane will appear concave phenomenon, in the use of platform grinding, the first to measure the original size and plane hardness. When the plane of the swash plate is scraped out of the groove by the plunger ball [...]

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Usage of Hydraulic Piston Pump

This article mainly introduces usage of hydraulic piston pump.The efficiency of the hydraulic system mainly depends on the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump. When the volumetric efficiency drops to 72%, it needs routine maintenance, replacing bearings and aging seals, replacing or repairing friction pairs beyond the fit clearance to restore their performance. Oil supply [...]

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Fault Analysis of Hydraulic Cylinder

Fault Analysis of Hydraulic Cylinder: A lot of dust and impurities will be attached to the hydraulic cylinder rod when it is working. Dust-proof seal can prevent dust and impurities from entering the cylinder and damage to the hydraulic cylinder and oil seal. Dust-proof seal in the case of damage, directly into the cylinder head [...]

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Axial Piston Pump

Inline Axial Piston Pump The quality of the axial piston pump is almost the same as that of the bending axle model. They have the advantage of being more compact in design and allow for the use of a "full drive" series of auxiliary rotating devices based on on-line design. Pumps are easier to manufacture [...]

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Function of Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are used for hydraulic drive systems,function of hydraulic pumps . Hydraulic pump is a mechanical power source that transforms mechanical power into hydraulic power. It generates flow with enough power to overcome the pressure caused by the pump outlet load. When the hydraulic pump is running, it produces a vacuum at the pump [...]

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Variable Displacement Pump

Variable displacement pump is a type of energy that transfers the mechanical energy of a device to a hydraulic (fluid). The displacement or pumping volume per revolution of the input shaft of the pump can be changed while the pump is running. Many variable pumps are "reversible", which means they can be used as hydraulic [...]

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders generally refer to hydraulic cylinders, which are hydraulic actuators that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and perform linear reciprocating motion (or oscillating motion). It is simple in structure and reliable in operation. When it is used to realize the reciprocating motion, the speed reducing device can be eliminated, and there is no [...]

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Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic motor refers to the liquid as the working medium, the use of liquid pressure energy to transfer power engine. Engine is a machine that can convert other forms of energy into mechanical energy, including internal combustion engines (gasoline engines, etc.), external combustion engines (Stirling engines, steam engines, etc.), motors, etc. For example, internal combustion [...]

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Axial Piston Pump

An axial piston pump can be used as an independent pump, a hydraulic motor or an automobile air conditioning compressor. Axial piston pumps have multiple pistons arranged in a circular array in a housing commonly referred to as a cylinder block, rotor or barrel. The cylinder body is driven by the whole shaft aligned with [...]

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Power of Hydraulic

The power of hydraulic system is the pressure of the liquid, which is supplied by the pump. Because the liquid is almost incompressible, the pump continues to supply oil to the closed hydraulic system, so that the oil in the system continues to increase, and can not compress the oil, naturally leading to the pressure [...]

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