It is very practical and necessary to master some common troubleshooting methods. Now I will introduce the troubleshooting of hydraulic wrench pump.
In the process of using, the hydraulic wrench pump has more faults than the hydraulic wrench, so today we mainly talk about the troubleshooting of the pump. If the oil gauge shows that the pressure is rising but the wrench is not working, it may be that the connector is loose or the solenoid valve is invalid. You can tighten the connector or replace the connector with accessories or the solenoid valve and try again. If the oil gauge shows no pressure, first check whether the connection of the oil gauge is loose, or whether the oil gauge is invalid. If the oil gauge has no problem, then check whether the solenoid valve or the reversing valve is invalid. If all of these have no problem, it must be the leakage in the hydraulic pump, which needs to be solved by contacting the supplier.

If the pressure rise of the electric pump is insufficient or the power supply cannot be increased to 10000psi to eliminate the shortage, it must be the leakage inside the wrench or the solenoid valve, reversing valve or pump of the pump. It is necessary to check whether the sealing ring is worn one by one. If the pump motor does not turn after starting, open the electric cabinet to check or reconnect the loose circuit. If it still does not recover, check whether the motor is damaged.
If the motor of the pump turns slowly and is invalid, eliminate whether the voltage and air pressure meet the requirements. If there is no problem, the radiator channel is blocked. It can be solved by cleaning. There is also a frequent fault on site. The temperature of the pump is overheated, and the operation of power supply under pressure is eliminated. The rest may be manual operation. The operator still presses the forward button when the cylinder reaches a large stroke, which will cause a large amount of hydraulic oil to pass through the small hole in the safety valve, resulting in heating.
The above is about the hydraulic wrench pump troubleshooting methods, I hope to help your work.

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