If the hydraulic cylinder is damaged, repair of hydraulic cylinder will be urgently required. the scratch groove extruded material droplets will be embedded in the seals. When the working parts of the seals are damaged, new scratch area marks may be created.
The surface roughness of cylinder inner wall is deteriorated, and the friction force is increased. Crawling phenomenon is easy to occur.

The internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder is aggravated, which reduces the working efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder. The main causes of scratches on the inner surface of cylinder block are as follows:
The scar caused by assembling the hydraulic cylinder.
Slight running wear marks.
There are foreign bodies in the cylinder block of hydraulic cylinder.
The traditional repair method is to repair the damaged parts after disassembly, or brush plating or scraping the surface as a whole. The repair cycle is long.

In addition, the repair of hydraulic cylinder must have professional equipment, such as hydraulic cylinder repairer, which can repair the pits and rough edges of hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder broaching machine (using cylinder punch abrasives), can reduce the inner diameter or pit of the cylinder with hydraulic cylinder broaching machine pulled into standard size. In addition, tools are needed: hammer, file, inner diameter percentage, cylinder measuring tools, etc.

Cylinder Hydraulic Rams

Cylinder Hydraulic Rams

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Hydraulic Welded Cylinder

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