Which are the correct hydraulic wrench operation steps?
First determine whether to loosen, or lock the nut by pressing or unscrewing the locking screw, take out the driving square shaft for reversing left and right, install the driving square shaft locator, pull down the reaction arm locking device, and install it in the right direction. Into the reaction arm, loosen, lock the direction of the square axis.
Connect the hydraulic pump station and connect the high pressure outlet (A) of the pump with the high pressure inlet (H) of the hydraulic wrench, the low pressure outlet (B) of the pump and the low pressure inlet (R) of the hydraulic wrench respectively with high pressure oil pipe. The quick connector on the tubing should be inserted when connecting and then tighten the fixing nut by hand.
Carefully check that the tubing fittings are securely connected and that there is oil in the pump.
Connect the power plug of the hydraulic pump. No oil-free work! Place the hydraulic wrench on the open ground. Turn the pump’s power switch on and start the oil pump to check if the pump is working properly. Press and hold the previous button on the remote control switch. At this time, the square axis starts to roll, the wrench stops rolling in place, and the pressure gauge rises rapidly from “0” to the set pressure; when the button is released, the wrench automatically returns, repeating several times to make the wrench The idling is repeated several times, and the wrench is turned to determine that the loosening is still locking operation, and the wrench can be placed on the sleeve when there is no abnormality.
Adjust the pressure: press the button on the remote control switch in one hand, then the square shaft starts to roll, the wrench stops rolling in place, the pressure gauge rises rapidly from “0”, the other hand adjusts the oil pump pressure regulating valve, and the pointer in the pressure gauge is adjusted to The pressure required.
Demolition: adjust the pressure of the hydraulic pump station to the highest level, confirm that the steering of the wrench is in the direction of loosening, place the wrench on the sleeve, find the reaction fulcrum, stabilize, and repeat the action of the third item in the second item until Remove the nut.
Locking: Torque setting, firstly, the torque can be set according to the planning requirements; if there is no planning torque, it is recommended to set the torque according to the recommended data in Table 1. Pump station pressure setting, set the pump station pressure according to the required torque value and the type of wrench used. hydraulic wrench operation steps are all above.

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