Fault Analysis of Hydraulic Cylinder: A lot of dust and impurities will be attached to the hydraulic cylinder rod when it is working. Dust-proof seal can prevent dust and impurities from entering the cylinder and damage to the hydraulic cylinder and oil seal. Dust-proof seal in the case of damage, directly into the cylinder head to damage the oil seal and hydraulic cylinder, in the case of large dust, there will be obvious grinding inside.

The hydraulic cylinder is black, and the additive’s inner wall is attached to the surface of the hydraulic cylinder under the long-term high temperature friction of lead fog, which indicates that the wear-resistant ring needs to be replaced. Wear ring is very important in hydraulic cylinder. One is to prevent wear. The two is to eliminate the influence of lateral force.

Wear will not replace the black of the cylinder itself. Nylon is personally recommended for wear-resistant rings because the physical properties of the rings are comparable to those of bronze, and they perform well in wear resistance, hydraulic cylinder resistance and adaptable metals.
Hydraulic cylinder leakage ratio is very small, because leakage is not easy to find. Internal leakage can cause many faults, such as weak fuel tank, slow, slow cylinder, serious can not work directly, the above situation may also cause other parts of the fault.