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How to Operate High-power Hydraulic Wrench?

At present, high-power hydraulic wrench is used frequently, so how to operate high-power hydraulic wrenches efficiently is very important. Firstly, the inner hexagonal sleeve is selected according to the size requirement of the pre-tightening nut. According to the requirement of nut tightening or loosening, the combination ratchet is determined. (Right ratchet when tightening nut and [...]

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Hollow Hydraulic Wrench

The six main application ways of hollow hydraulic wrench are introduced as follows: 1. Installation, disassembly and maintenance of important bolt connections in energy, transportation, power, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining and other industries will facilitate and quickly complete your task of assembling and disassembling bolts. Secondly, some bolts are installed in very narrow space, [...]

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Hydraulic Wrench Maintenance

Hydraulic wrench maintenance is an urgent need. In many industrial enterprises, bolts are used in this way to ensure the normal operation of equipment. Now domestic hydraulic products have developed with high quality, and have very professional quality in maintenance and use, and also for many production. Enterprises provide product assurance, more and more professional [...]

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Wear-resistant Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic wrenches usually use 46 and 32 wear-resistant hydraulic oil. Viscosity of hydraulic oil is an important index of hydraulic oil. Low viscosity increases leakage and decreases volumetric efficiency; high viscosity increases viscous friction loss and even causes cavitation or stagnation. Generally, the mobility of hydraulic oil used in hydraulic system is l06m/s (50C). Characteristics [...]

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Advantages of Hydraulic Wrench

Advantages of hydraulic wrench and oil change The modern control and transmission technology used in industry is becoming more and more popular. The hydraulic technology of hydraulic torque wrench is one of them. In the past, we used to use old-fashioned wrenches to tighten bolts in various environments, but people who have operated know that [...]

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Hydraulic Wrench Operation Steps

Which are the correct hydraulic wrench operation steps? First determine whether to loosen, or lock the nut by pressing or unscrewing the locking screw, take out the driving square shaft for reversing left and right, install the driving square shaft locator, pull down the reaction arm locking device, and install it in the right direction. [...]

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Application of Driving Hydraulic Wrench

Driving hydraulic wrench to match the size of the bolt and select the matching hydraulic wrench model. The main uses of the drive hydraulic wrench are: The driving hydraulic wrench is widely used in the installation of equipment in energy, electric power, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc. In the process of maintenance, the bolt connection [...]

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Importing German Hydraulic Wrench

Importing German hydraulic wrench has been widely used in domestic production enterprises, and it is also a relatively high-end type in the international wrench industry. But fundamentally speaking, in the actual production and application process of hydraulic wrench, there are very professional quality and characteristics, with very high-end quality, suitable workers. It can improve the [...]

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Hydraulic Wrench

How to control when the hydraulic wrench pressure gauge is not pressed? 1. According to the size of the pre-tightening nut, the hexagon socket is selected; 2. According to the requirements of the nut to be tightened or loosened, use the right ratchet when tightening the nut and the left ratchet when loosening the nut; [...]

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