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Common Problems of Hydraulic Cylinder

This article elaborates on the common problems of hydraulic cylinder, The main faults of hydraulic cylinder are crawling, insufficient thrust, working speed decreasing and even stopping. Generally, crawling occurs at low speed. The main reason is that the air accumulated in the cylinder is not removed completely. In addition, excessive or uneven mechanical friction can [...]

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Repair of Hydraulic Cylinder

If the hydraulic cylinder is damaged, repair of hydraulic cylinder will be urgently required. the scratch groove extruded material droplets will be embedded in the seals. When the working parts of the seals are damaged, new scratch area marks may be created. The surface roughness of cylinder inner wall is deteriorated, and the friction force [...]

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  • Hydraulic Pressure System

Hydraulic Pressure System

Hydraulic station is a hydraulic power supply device or hydraulic pressure system including a control valve, which consists of hydraulic pump, driving motor, an oil tank, directional valve, throttle valve and relief valve. Oil supply according to the flow direction, pressure and flow required by the driving device is suitable for all kinds of machinery [...]

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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders generally refer to hydraulic cylinders, which are hydraulic actuators that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and perform linear reciprocating motion (or oscillating motion). It is simple in structure and reliable in operation. When it is used to realize the reciprocating motion, the speed reducing device can be eliminated, and there is no [...]

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Power of Hydraulic

The power of hydraulic system is the pressure of the liquid, which is supplied by the pump. Because the liquid is almost incompressible, the pump continues to supply oil to the closed hydraulic system, so that the oil in the system continues to increase, and can not compress the oil, naturally leading to the pressure [...]

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